21 Saudi Military Learners In The US Are Being Sent Home For Hostile To Us Media And Child Pornography

21 Saudi military learners in the US are being sent home for hostile to US media and child pornography. In excess of 20 Saudi military understudies who have been preparing in the United States are being sent home today after a counterterrorism examination discovered they had “disapproving material” — including chilp porn anti US media. Read River Island Outlet UK for more information.

21 Saudi Military Learners In The US Are Being Sent Home For Hostile To Us Media And Child Pornography

That proof became known as a major aspect of the Justice Department’s examination of the mass taking shots at a Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida, a month ago that killed three and injured eight others.

The shooter, who was killed by a sheriff’s agent during the assault, was a 21-year-old individual from the Saudi Royal Air Force. He, alongside about 900 of his comrades, went to the US as a major aspect of a program where the American military gives homeroom guidance, language classes, and flight preparing to individuals from outside militaries united or cooperated with the US.

At a Monday public interview, Attorney General William Barr expressed that the shooter was “filled with jihadist belief system” and that the assault “was a demonstration of fear based oppression,” yet that there “was no proof of any connection or inclusion with any psychological militant action or gathering.”

Barr said the shooter acted alone, and there was no proof that other Saudi students at the base took an interest or had any premonition of the assault.

Notwithstanding, he said that, over the span of the examination, “We learned of disapprovong material controlled by 21 individuals from the Saudi military who were preparing in the United States; 17 had online life containing some jihadi or some anti American substance.”

Furthermore, 15 Saudi understudies — including a portion of the 17 above — “had some sort of contact with child porn entertainment,” Barr said. “While one of these people had a critical number of such pictures, all the rest had a couple of pictures, much of the time posted in a visit room posted by some other individual or got through online life.”

US authorities didn’t discharge any of the proof for these claims, so the accurate idea of the “counter American” content is indistinct.

The government of Saudi Arabia, which Barr said cooperated fully with the investigation, “determined that this material demonstrated conduct unbecoming an officer in the Royal Saudi Air Force and in the Royal Navy,” Barr said. “[T]he 21 cadets have been disenrolled from their training curriculum in the U.S. military and will be returning to Saudi Arabia later today.”

It’s unclear what will happen to them when they arrive, but Barr said that if the US decides to charge any of the 21 individuals as part of a counterterrorism investigation, the Saudi government has agreed to return them to the US for trial.


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